Monday, November 5, 2007

One man's treasure...

"... one man's junk is another man's treasure..., at least before he actually bought it..."

I actually remembered that saying as we pulled into the parking lot (or field, a big one at that). We arrived late in the afternoon in Canton, TX. A mere hour-drive away from Dallas, Canton is the home of the First Monday Fleamarket.

Usually I'd give away the website at this point, but I think you'll be severely dismayed looking at their website. Like I did... that is, until I realize how many people are visiting the 4-days shopping, RV-ing, lounging, barbq-ing extravaganza! Who needs a website when the visitors numbers at thousands (that's on the WEEKDAY-part of the "market").

So, let's get the show going...

Five buddies loading up the day's "treasures"

They guy at the parking lot booth ($4) just shrugged and said, "straight ahead, son" when I asked him whether I can park anywhere among the sea of SUV's and RV's at the parking lot. At first, we picked a shady spot at the "spill-over" grass area of the field, after all, where we saw variations of the "five buddies" scene depicted above. After receiving a tip from a lady parked next to us, we moved closer to the main entrance.

After securing a parking spot (it's nice to arrive late, in the morning, the line at the exit of the interstate I-20 into Canton was a mile long). We started to enter the long warehouse like buildings and start checking out stuff ranging from arts and crafts, to literally, scrap heap.


These horse statues looks very nice, I didn't even check the price tags, as my wife and I already decided to window-shop-only. Well, I did bought a set of old photographs, but that's another write-up.


"Cross my heart and hope to ... buy my stuff"


Every age group is well represented, including the ones measured in dog-years


well, who can argue with *THAT* ?? :)


This is literally the downtown square, for the weekend, it's *incorporated* into the market.


Except for the cellphone, this scene must been recurring since 1940 when the "First Monday" trade day was first popularized.


These guys served mean Peruvian-Andean music. Those panflutes are awesome. I think I even get my daughter interested in it.


Junk, no kidding... (but check out the tonality and sharpness of the photo ;)


Ever had your head handed to you in a basket?


I like vintage Ford cars, but this one feels rather superficial :)


As the shadow grew longer, we made our way back to our car, a nice gentleman who also sold very good roasted peanuts kindly explained how the maze was arranged. Following his direction, we found our car just fine.

About that time, people who already closed their booths, who brought their RV's started to congregate together, barbecuing, and having a great time. Looks like not everything is about money... and that's very good to see.

Lastly, a cowboy in waiting...


Oh, the camera of the month is none other than the trusty Olympus 35 SP in black. Film of the choice is one from my never ending supply of Ilford XP2.

As usual, all shots are un-metered. Only the sunny-16 rules and a super tonality provided by a super expired film :)

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