Friday, June 8, 2007

Mini mini reviews

What is a guy supposed to do?

I often write my findings after running a test roll for a new camera that arrived. By default, I wrote a mini-review, complete with image samples into a new thread in my favorite camera-related forum, the

But... I also want to populate this blog. What a hassle it is, not to mention boring, to replicate what I wrote there to here.

So, what to do then? for now, an easy way is to provide a link from here to there, therefore, anyone who stumbles upon this blog can read the review over there and vice versa.

Therefore, here are two mini reviews as of late:

Olympus 35 DC - I think the DC will be one of my favorite. It has the typical sharpness of the Zuiko lens and the smooth bokeh of the Konica Hexanons. I love the colors too.

Kiev 4AM
- This is the first interchangeable lens RF system that I own. Although plagued by the FSU build quality (= not very good), it doesn't betray its legendary heritage (Contax). And this camera taught me that RF systems are not created equal.

You see, I haven't been too idle these days :)

... speaking of being idle, this image is my favorite as of late, it is quite idyllic...

Taken with the Kiev 4AM, expired Ilford XP2 shot at 200ASA-ish (no meter)