Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Wondering about the possibilities

These past few weeks has been a blast. First, I finishes two rolls of black and white films. What's so special about that? well, those two rolls contain my first attempt at street-photograpy.

Those who has tried it will nod approvingly at my sense of accomplishment, and those who hasn't will have not clue how hard it is to pull off.

Second, I setup a table at a local camera show and I had a terrific time talking to and observing people. Met interesting people and learn a bunch about cameras and photography. I even sold 3 cameras (but I purchased 2 Olympus cameras for my collection), so it's a wash from money perspective.

On another topic, this thread on flickr made me think hard about possibilities... where to go from here, will photography remains a hobby for me? what will it take to go the next step?